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Safety and Hygiene Policy for Face Painting

Extreme Face Painting Safety Policy

  • Only COSMETIC-GRADE, FDA Compliant Water-Based Face Paints are used
  • Easily removed with face cloth, mild soap and water
  • Only Cosmetic-Grade Glitter is used
  • The face paint products used have preservatives that inhibit bacterial growth.
  • Clean Brushes, Sponges, and Bottled Water are used
  • Brushes are cleaned and disinfected after each event.
  • Sponges are cleaned and sanitized after each event.
  • Face Paint Products are Hypo-allergic and FDA Compliant
  • Meets ALL Child Toy Safety Ratings

Extreme Face Painting Hygiene Policy during events.

  • Water, Brushes and Sponges are changed out every couple hours during long events.
  • Damaris disinfects her hands regularly using hand sanitizer through out the event.
  • Unscented hypo-allergenic baby wipes are used to clean faces when necessary

Extreme Face Painting Product Application Policy

  • As with any cosmetic product, Extreme Face Painting cannot guarantee a reaction will not occur.
  • Children (and their actions) remain the responsibility of their parents or party organizers at all times.
  • To reduce the risk of disease spread, persons who suffer from the following WILL NOT receive face painting.
    • Sick
    • have Head Lice
    • Skin Infections (Cold Sores, Poison Ivy, Conjuctivitis, Ringwork, Sunburn, Open Wounds, etc)
  • Damaris will not paint anyone who does not want to be painted.
    • Each child should be able to choose their own design.
    • Children must willing sit on the bar stool to be painted, (Wiggle Worms are Fine)
    • If you have to restrain your child for the painting process they will not be painted
    • If your child becomes distressed during the painting process, painting will not resume unless the child willing agrees to continue.
  • Face Paint is not recommended for children under 2 years old.
  • If requested by the child a simple design on the back of the hand will be painted on children under the age of 2


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